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Brand:Открытая книга
Country of manufacture:Russia
Gift set "ELDER. Nostradamus". Universal VIP-gift. Nostradamus is a secret and it and the unsolved riddle esteemed by all people who look for great sense of the future under cover of mysterious past. On pages of the book the amazing historical picture is developed - it is the fine illustrated album accompanied with Nostradamus's tsenturiya. For fans of secrets the book included also facsimiles of the original medieval edition in Old French language — in them the full text of predictions which are not deciphered also today yet... Author's music on an audio-disk in the Nostradamus set is a body and a harpsichord, church chants and the noise of a rain which is carrying away in the atmosphere of medieval Europe. And all this is a relax music which does not prevent to read the book, and just immerses the listener in the unique atmosphere. Nostradamus.
Brand:Открытая книга
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 20.04.2021

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